Charlotte, North Carolina cityscape


Aligning Transportation Choices and Walkable Communities for a Sustainable Future

How do transportation and land use patterns affect air & water quality, climate change, tree canopy, human health, and equity? Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in Charlotte, but the sprawling nature of the Queen City leaves many residents with few transportation choices. You’ll learn how the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area grew into the community it is today, including sustainability challenges and opportunities. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge to understand what Smart Growth is — and the skills to effectively make change happen in your community!

Understanding North Carolina’s Air Pollution And Solutions

North Carolina faces challenges with air pollution impacting both human health and the environment. In this session, you will learn about these challenges and the steps being taken to help mitigate air pollution and protect our community.

Speakers: Jeffrey Robbins of CleanAIRE NC; Jane Singleton Myers of TreesCharlotte; Sarah Hazel of the City of Charlotte’s Office of Sustainability and Resiliency

Waste Not, Want Not: How To Be Responsible With Your Waste in Charlotte

Responsible waste management has become a paramount concern. As our city grows and consumption rises, so does the amount of waste we generate. Learn what steps are currently being taken in Charlotte as well as individual actions you can take to minimize your environmental impact.

Speakers: Daniel Heaton of Envision Charlotte’s Innovation Barn; Jonathan Hill with Keep Charlotte Beautiful; Joe Hack of Solid Waste and Recycling for the County

How to Conserve Wildlife in Your Backyard

Conserving wildlife in your backyard is beneficial for both local biodiversity and creating a sustainable environment. Learn the big and small actions you can take to support a diverse array of wildlife species and contribute to the overall health and sustainability of your local ecosystem – right in your backyard!

Speakers: Alden Picard of the NC Wildlife Federation; Caroline Burgett of Charlotte Stormwater; Kristin Dean of Carolina Raptor Center

How Supporting Local Food Systems Benefits Your Community

Research shows significant environmental benefits of local food production. Learn how supporting local farms and farmers markets can contribute to sustainability. 

Speakers: Michael Bowling of Carolina Farm Trust; Samantha DeRosa of Farmers Market Management Services; Cherie Jzar of Deep Roots Farm

Conservation and Connections: Pathways Into a Sustainable Future

What is the intersection of land protection and trail connectivity? Come learn the importance of partnerships and addressing future opportunities and challenges as we define our role in a fast-growing metropolitan area.

From Source to Sink to Stream: Understanding and Protecting Your Water Supply

Where does your drinking water come from? How safe is it? Do we have enough? Why is Charlotte requesting an interbasin transfer? What can I do to conserve and protect our water most effectively? In this workshop, participants will get a full overview of our region’s drinking water system, the greatest challenges, and what we can do to ensure clean plentiful water for all.

Getting Public Space Right: Why Public Spaces are Important to Sustainability

Urban public spaces play a crucial role in promoting sustainability. Learn from our panel why public spaces are so important and what you can do to support and get involved.

Speakers: Beth Poovey of Partners for Parks; Erin Chantry of the City of Charlotte’s Urban Design Center; Chris Matthews of Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation